Who are we? 關於我們

Since 1999 Senly International (Hong Kong) Limited has been a professional supplier of personal care products to prestigious hotels, clubs, and luxury liners. Our network covers the United States, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, and major cities in China including Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing.

Some of our clients include The American Club, Capital Hotel Taipei, The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club Hong Kong, Harbour Plaza Hotels & Resorts, The Hong Kong Club, The Hong Kong Country Club, The Hong Kong Jockey Club, The Mandarin Oriental Boston, The Mira Hong Kong, Rido Hotel, Shangri-La Kowloon, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and United Services Recreation Club.

仙麗國際有限公司自1999年起,一直為著名酒店、會所、以及遊輪的個人護理用品供應商。我們的網絡包括美國、澳洲、星加坡、台灣 及中國各大城市,包括香港、澳門、深圳、 廣州、上海及北京等。

我們部分客戶包括美國會、首都大飯店、清水彎鄉村俱樂部、海逸 酒店集團、香港會、香港鄉村俱樂 部、香港賽馬會、美國文華東方酒店、美麗華酒店、麗都飯店、香港 喜來登酒店、九龍香格里拉大酒店、香港遊艇會及三軍會。

Vision 理念

Senly International strives to set new high standards for the industry by providing tailor-made services that help our clients meet their ever-changing business demands. Environmental conservation is always our priority while we make continuous efforts to perfect our products. Providing quality-proven products and reliable services are our core values.

仙麗國際衝破傳統供應商的角色定位,除了供應優質產品外,亦為 客戶提供度身訂造的解決方案,滿足其業務需要。在提升產品質素的同時,我們亦非常重視環境保護,努力打造成為一個值得信賴、高品 質的護理用品品牌。

Quality Assurance 質量保證

We ensure all products meet FDA and other international standards in enviromental protection by conforming a strict protocol with our suppliers. We conduct close monitoring and regular internal assessments to refine our practices to comply with the latest standards, including Cosmetic GMP, ISO 22716, ISO 9001 and SA8000.

本公司確保所有產品均符合FDA 及其他有關環境保護的國際標準。供應商需跟隨我們制定的協議並嚴格執行。我們亦會進行密切監測和定期的內部評估,充分完善程序以符合最新標準,包括化妝品 GMP、ISO 27716、ISO 9001 及 SA8000。

Partnership 策略夥伴

We are determined to work with you as long-term strategic business partners. We strive to provide innovative business solutions that meet over and above the expectation of you and your clients. Combining our expertise and efforts, we can achieve business new heights together.